The garden, originally designed in the early nineties by renowned landscape designer Madison Cox under Saint Laurent and Bergé’s guidance, traverses a series of cascading terraces deftly positioned to allow for breathtaking views across the Strait of Gibraltar and the North Atlantic Sea.


Dotted withing the grounds are exquisitely decorated pavilions, ideal for escaping the Moroccan heat or dining privately day or night. Several bedrooms have also been newly created to take in the magic of the garden’s views, melodic birdsong and romantically resonating colour.


Following extensive restoration and additional planting, it now overflows with an abundance of sweeping lawns, banana palms, ferns, bamboo, citrus trees, hollyhocks, nasturtiums, roses, bougainvillea, and agapanthus.


The larger pool, carved into the clifftop’s rocks, cascades with water warmed by the sun-drenched stone; a smaller plunge pool, shimmering with emerald herringbone local tiles, has been newly created to further enhance the entrancing mood of the surrounding landscape.

The use of the garden’s and swimming pools is reserved for residents of the hotel.